Darrin Brownlee officially inducted into Google Glass Explorer Program


Darrin Brownlee, owner of Versatile Solutions, Inc., a software and business solution provider, was officially inducted in the Google Glass Explorer Program as of July. He recently went to San Francisco to pickup the device and is looking forward to spreading the word about Glass and developing applications called Glassware.

Darrin Brownlee completes Google Certification

Darrin Brownlee


Darrin Brownlee, owner of Versatile Solutions, Inc., a software and business solution provider, has successfully completed the certification process to be officially recognized as a Google Apps Certified Deployment Specialist.

Darrin Brownlee works with businesses, nonprofits and educational organizations to provide solutions in software development, business efficiency and cloud computing. He also provides training for various software applications to fit their business or organizational needs.

Versatile Solutions, Inc., is an authorized Google Apps reseller and has been in business since 1998. The company is located in Marshall, MN and can be reached at 507-537-9798 or at http://www.versatile-solutions.net.

Chrome for Android

Now you can have the best of both worlds. Your Chrome browser on your desktop and now on your Android phone.

Cloud Computing Workshops

Will be presenting a couple of workshops in partnership with Marshall Community Services on Feb 20 and Mar 29. Topic is cloud computing and will be talking about #GoogleApps and #ChromeBooks and other topics related to “The Cloud”.

You can register for these workshops at the Marshall Community Services website.  See links below.

http://goo.gl/y6YzH (Feb 20)

http://goo.gl/W0wJp (Mar 29)

Information you may not have know.

61 of the top 100 universities have moved over to Google Apps. University of Minnesota just happens to be one of them.

On the business side of things there are more than 4 million companies using Google Apps. Businesses are joining at a rate of over 5,000 per day.

The federal government is using tax payer money in more productive ways by having 1,000 of their own data centers shut down. The federal government went with Google on several large agencies such as; National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Government Services Agency (GSA).  A few states such as Wyoming, Utah, Washington DC and cities of Orlando and Pittsburgh have gone with Google Apps.

Here are some great video links about Google security and organizations that have gone with Google Apps.

Google Data center security

City of Los Angeles Gone Google

National Geographic Gone Google

City of Pittsburgh gone Google

State Of Wyoming

Google Data Center Highlights

This video tour of a Google data center highlights the security and data protections that are in place at the time this video was made.

Chromebooks In School

Chromebooks at School: St Ursula’s Academy, Bristol, UK

Versatile Solutions, Inc., Announces It Will Resell Google Apps

Versatile Solutions, Inc. announced it has become an authorized reseller of the Google Apps™ suite of communication and collaboration tools. Versatile Solutions now provides support, implementation and customization services for Google Apps.

“The Google Apps Reseller program will help us provide Google Apps to users of a variety of businesses, government agencies and non-profits.” said Darrin Brownlee CEO of Versatile Solutions. “Google Apps for Business offers a broad set of powerful APIs that enable us to create custom services and allow better migration and interaction with customer data.

Google Apps brings simple, powerful communication and collaboration tools to organizations of any size– all hosted by Google to streamline setup, minimize maintenance, and reduce IT costs. With Gmail (including Google email security, powered by Postini), Google Calendar, and integrated IM, users can stay connected and work together with ease. Using Google Docs and Google Sites, which include word processing, spreadsheet, presentation and website creation tools. They can share files and collaborate in real-time, keeping versions organized and available wherever and whenever users work.

The Google Apps Reseller program includes resellers, consultants and independent software vendors that sell, service and customize Google Apps for Business for their customers. Versatile Solutions received training, support and deployment services from Google, as well as access to APIs for integrating Google Apps into their customers’ business operations. Versatile Solutions is able to retain a close relationship with their customers in order to provide additional service and support. The businesses receiving Google Apps will benefit from the additional attention to their specific needs. For more information on Versatile Solutions offerings, please visit http://www.versatile-solutions.net or call 507-537-9798.

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