Versatile Solutions’ client offers citizens a large variety of short-term, educational and
recreational classes that promote the benefits of lifelong learning.


The client wanted to find ways to make its class information and registration more
accessible to citizens. Additionally, much of the information the client collected from
citizens was gathered manually, so generating accurate reports and rosters was often
difficult and time-consuming. However, the “boxed solution” the client was using was
not capable of handling the technological upgrades it planned to implement. Based on
positive feedback from another client, they contacted Versatile Solutions.


Versatile Solutions designed a technology platform that would meet the project’s
requirements for three levels of users: citizens, personnel and instructors.

Versatile Solutions implemented three key features to the client’s website to streamline
the registration process and make it as convenient and user-friendly as possible. First, an
online directory listing the available classes/activities was set up. Next, an online account
registration form was developed, which directs citizens to sign up for a personal account
before they can register. Finally, Versatile Solutions increased the website’s security and
added functionality to permit the client to accept credit card transactions online.

Community Services Personnel:
Versatile Solutions’ application offers enhanced reporting capabilities, which means
personnel can quickly run reports they need, such as registration rosters, financial reports
(including revenues, refunds, deposits, etc.), activity listings and wait list reports.

An additional benefit of the online functionality is the ability for instructors to log in to
view class registration numbers and print class rosters.


The client says its online registration program has significantly increased its ability
to communicate more effectively and provide citizens with the best customer service
possible. In addition to making online registration available around the clock, citizens
also can visit the website for answers to any community education questions they might
have. Best of all, the client believes this technology platform will act as a bridge toward
developing stronger, more cooperative working relationships with other community
agencies – thereby further expanding their connection to citizens.