Versatile Solutions’ client helps employers fill temporary, temporary-to-permanent, permanent,
or direct hire positions by connecting them with qualified candidates.


The client’s manual, paper-based processes were outdated, time-consuming and cost prohibitive.
In addition, the client’s one page static website was not meeting user demands or attracting new
business. As the client’s business began to grow, she knew she needed to utilize web technologies
to streamline her operations and improve efficiency.


First, Versatile Solutions provided web hosting and e-mail services to give the client a more
commanding presence on the Internet. After establishing them online, Versatile Solutions
developed software applications specifically for the client’s three types of web users: career
consultants, job seekers and employers.

Career Consultants:
Staff can now easily view all open jobs and communicate effectively with job seekers. The
software application Versatile Solutions created gives staff the ability to scan job seekers by skills
or by status and automatically notify all job seekers whenever a new job is posted to the website.

Job Seekers:
Versatile Solutions’ software application enables job seekers to fill out the job application and
take the aptitude testing (scored automatically) online, saving them both the time and expense
of driving to the client’s office. In addition, job seekers now have the ability to check out new
listings daily, review the status of each job they have applied for, and manage their employment
information online.

Employers can now set up an account and submit job postings online. Employers also can use
the client’s website for their own recruiting efforts by posting direct hire positions online, which
helps them reach a much broader range of applicants.


Before partnering with Versatile Solutions, the client was buried in paperwork and outdated
processes. Today, their processes are much easier to manage and the website has replaced the
equivalent of at least two full-time people in the office.

Furthermore, the enhanced website is more convenient for job seekers, enabling the client to
recruit more qualified employees. Previously, the client had approximately 500-600 job seekers
registered and that number has now grown to thousands.

Most importantly, the web application has opened up new avenues of business. Before, the client
served only local businesses, and they now reach a much larger audience. Overall, the client is
very satisfied and describes her working relationship with Versatile Solutions as “professional
and attentive with a project outcome that has far exceeded her expectations.”