Versatile Solutions’ client provides programs and other educational services to school districts, non-profit organizations, cities, counties and governmental agencies.


As part of its educational offerings, the client provides a variety of workshops and training
seminars designed for teachers and other child education specialists. However, as these
workshops grew in popularity and the number of registrants increased significantly, it became
overwhelming for staff to manage this information by manually entering it into the computer. The
client needed to upgrade its registration process to improve efficiency and reduce costs.


Versatile Solutions developed a software application for the client that performs all of their
necessary registration functions while still being extremely user-friendly for the registrants. The
software application is also adaptable for the client’s other locations.

Initially, the client’s needs were fairly simple. The client wanted to take its single session
workshops and transfer them online. However, as the client’s needs evolved and the meetings
became much larger, Versatile Solutions has tweaked the software application to handle multiple
session registrations.

Another benefit of the software application is that the information gathered online is easily
accessible and manageable for the client. Using this information, the client can now quickly
perform other functions that improve day-to-day operations, such as generating billing
summaries, attendance reports, automatic attendance reminders, registration confirmations, online
evaluations, event name tags as well as overall event maintenance.


Prior to working with Versatile Solutions, the client’s staff often found themselves unable to keep
up with the demands of such an unmanageable system. Today, their processes are streamlined and
planning workshops has become much easier and more efficient.

Staff members say the biggest advantage of the online system is the amount of time it frees up to
allow them to perform other functions of their jobs. For example, reports are now generated in
two clicks of a computer mouse, rather than the hours it used to take. Best of all, the efficiencies
created with this new software application allow the client to focus on what they do best –
providing quality education and governmental services for children, families and communities.