When it comes to software development, whatever you can imagine…Versatile Solutions can deliver for you.

Our first step involves meeting with you to make sure we understand your vision and to define the short-and long-term goals for the project. We then determine the best approach to achieving success. After that, we create a blue print of the software application we think best meets your needs, outlining exactly how the software will function in your environment.

Our projects all have one thing in common—they are well planned and documented so that all parties understand the scope of the project as well as the expected outcomes right from the beginning.

While the possibilities are endless, these are some of the software solutions we’ve developed for our clients.

  • Online job staffing website
  • Online registration systems
  • Student lunch profile program used by various school districts.
  • Purchasing website for a group of organizations with multiple products.
  • Website for ongoing promotions and contests that randomly generates list of winners and provides data tracking.
  • Member login system for a recreation facility to capture yearly family memberships, track daily usage, manage concession inventories, promote credit card sales and integrate photo ID capabilities.
  • Web-based facility management application used to schedule meeting rooms at various locations and buildings throughout the organization.